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Self-Seal Sterilisation Pouches


▪ Self-sealing pouch with easy open end flap. 
▪ Made from heavyweight 70gsm paper blue tinted transparent 2 ply laminate film. 
▪ Self-seal. No need to purchase extra equipment to heat seal the bags individually before starting the sterilisation process.
▪ Fast and easy. No waste and no mess.
▪ Manufactured under ISO 13485 Quality Control Standard 
▪ Compliant to ISO11140-1,ISO11607 and EN 868-3&4 ;
▪ Lead-free indicators for Steam, Ethylene Oxide and Formaldehyde Sterilization Process 

▪ The exclusive QUAD seal means that even if 3 seals are broken or compromised, the pouch and the process will be completely effective. 
▪ QUAD seal gives 4 seals of protection against separation, puncture and contamination. 
▪ Aqua-tinted, see through triple-ply film lets you identify instruments and reveal punctures. 
▪ Dual steam and gas indicators change colour when process complete. 

200 pouches per box 

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