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Prophy Cup Latch Type 6 WEBS PYC206


▪ Exclusively soft and flexible Prophy Cup flares and flexes to contours of teeth to aid in selective stain removal and interproximal cleaning with less pressure and operator fatigue.
▪ Optimized size for easy access in hard to reach areas without compromising the paste holding capacity.
▪ The unique design is suitable for treatment on adults and pediatric use and to substitute pointed polishers.
▪ The soft flare of the prophy cup gently massages the gingiva and reaches the pockets for effective plaque biofilm removal for improved subgingival access.
▪ The exterior ridges optimize interproximal stain removal while the interior webbing holds adequate amount of prophy paste to minimize splatter and increases stain removal.
▪ Designed with a wider base to prevent the prophy paste from reaching the contra angle. Available in vibration-free screw type and latch type (stainless steel).

▪ Latex Free and designed to follow tooth contours with flex and flare, making it ideal for polishing lingual and interproximal areas.

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