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20-50 Person First Aid Kit Box FAK2050


▪ 20-50 Person First Aid Kit.
▪ Durable Waterproof Storage Box.
▪ HSE Compliant 20-50 Person Standard First Aid Kit contains:
▪ First Aid Guidance Leaflet.
▪ 3 packs of 20 Assorted Washproof Plasters.
▪ 6 Sterile Eye Dressings.
▪ 8 Non WovenTriangular Bandages.
▪ 2 packs  of 6 Safety Pins.
▪ 12 Medium Sterile Dressings Min Pad Size 12x12cm.
▪ 4 Large Sterile Dressings Min Pad Size 18x18cm.
▪ 20 Saline Wound Wipes.
▪ 3 pairs disposable Nitrile Powder Free Gloves.

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